Working in Afghanistan

First, I want readers to know that the people of Afghanistan are called Afghans - not Afghanis.  The Afghani is the money of the country.  I had the job of Finance Director and Deputy Chief of Party of the Afghan Governance and Legal Reform Project, funded by USAID (US Agency for International Development).  A large part of my job was to issue money to contractors for the building of courthouses.  I also paid staff salaries.  We built 29 courthouses throughout the country and oversaw the training of judges, including female judges.  I worked with the Supreme Court, as well.  As in Iraq, my job took me throughout Afghanistan, often to officiate at the inaugurations of courthouses.  With the country at war, I had to take special care not to get killed.  I enjoyed the Afghan people, mainly our staff.  We had architects who designed the courthouses; two of the architects were females.  My Logistics staff handled the furnishing of the courthouses and the Supreme Court.  It was my job to pay the salaries of Judges, too. Eventually, my contract came to an end and I left the country with a sad heart.  My next assignment was in Belarus.