The English Language Officer

I'm reminiscing about a great job I had during January 2010 through November 2013. Qualified by the United States Department of State as an English Language Officer (ELO), my job was varied in its responsibilities. I had to manage the logistics of air travel, hotel arrangements, liaison with organizations, ground transportation, and emergencies regarding international diplomats and dignitaries,  I was further qualified, in November of 2010, to serve as administrator of State Department anti-terrorism Mobile Security Teams.  As an ELO I accompanied hundreds of visitors to almost every state in the country and to many dozens of cities. Performing 35 assignments in the four-year period, almost all of three-weeks' duration, this was great part-time work for one of my advanced age.  I loved the work and I miss doing it.

An even better job that I had from 1978 through 1982 was as Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of Family Planning International Assistance.  Managing 80 projects in 18 countries was an intense job.  I worked in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  The job came to an end for political reasons, but I don't reminisce about it.  Not much.