Foreign Service Retirees Association

Our 9/9/16 Board of Directors meeting went well; much planning for 2017 was in the works.  Later, our speaker for the luncheon was The Honorable Nancy J. Powell, career ambassador, retired.  Her illustrious Foreign Service career began in 1977 and she rose through the ranks to serve as Ambassador to Uganda, Ghana, Pakistan, Nepal and, ultimately, as our first female ambassador to India.  She spoke on South Asian policies and issues.


Election of Donald Trump to the Presidency

I am devastated by his election.  The Democrats really blew it.  Hillary had a good chance at winning and by not campaigning in certain key states, she lost it.  Trump is executing special pronouncements like mad, particularly, he is abrogating everything ever accomplished by Obama.  He is deleting rules and regulations one for every two.  He and his White House staff are inveterate liars.  Kelly Conway and Sean Spicer are especially liars, taking Trump's lying lead.