"A descendent from Clan MacKinnon and Clan Orr, Steven Orr presents an historical presentation of two clans that originated in Scotland and eventually emigrated to America to escape political corruption. Steven provides detailed historical information about the modern members of these families with a backdrop of his own experiences growing up in America and making these discoveries in his lineage. Detailed information about Steven's ancestors and their paths to America bring the Orr and MacKinnon families to life on the pages. History lovers and those who are fascinated with genealogy will devour Clan MacKinnon and Clan Orr as the imprint of these two clans is embedded in the minds of readers, thus carrying on the legacy of two influential family lines that have brought ancient Scottish history to modern-day America."

"In this comprehensive and ground-breaking book, author Steven Orr offers readers an amazing insight into the lives of Scottish immigrants to the New World. Having traced his ancestral lines of Clan MacKinnon and Clan Orr, the author examines their time in Europe and the causes and results of their immigration to America. For anyone who loves history and examining their own roots, Clan MacKinnon and Clan Orr is a must have."

"Clan MacKinnon and Clan Orr gives the detailed ancestral history of the two Scottish Based Clans, as well as information regarding the present members of these families. Steven Orr chronicles the events which preceded these two clans' emigration to The United States. Steven also juxtaposes his own experiences with the ones of his predecessors. This is a great addition to any history lover's collection or those who are interested in Scottish heritage and this particular lineage."