"As this book has more than passing interest among educators at the university level, it should be equally interesting to the general public."

- Steven D. Orr


"Steven Orr has opened a window into a period of El Salvador’s history that has come and gone but is not forgotten in The End of the Civil War in El Salvador: 1992. The civil war that raged between 1979 and 1992 in El Salvador was violent, deadly, and riddled with fearful citizens. In this truthful account from that time and the author’s personal experiences among the people of El Salvador during his multiple visits, Steven reminds the world that crucial battles are being fought in countries even in these modern times.

"When Steven arrived in El Salvador in 1979, the civil war was just beginning. The right-wing leaders were murdering out of spite and in defense of their beliefs and practices. Citizens were forced to walk past dead bodies without displaying fear or sadness just to stay alive. If even suspected of being left wing, people were subjected to cruelty and even death. Land mines peppered the country, killing thousands of innocent people, and avoidance was a way of life.

"The ARENA (Nationalist Republican Alliance or Alianza Republicana Nacionalista) party was in control during the civil war in El Salvador. After the war, they remained in power for a number of years as most of the members were coffee growers and influential businessmen. The massacres, death squads, peasant slavery that occurred during the time of ARENA’s power during the war would forever mark this time in El Salvador’s history as regrettable and never to be repeated. 

"Steven largely focuses on the period during his final stay from 1991-1992, which was a decisive year for the country. The US-supported right-wing government experienced its final blow after the United Nations proposed an evaluation of the army and its conduct during the war. The human rights issues that were at the center of the conflict were on the path to being resolved.

"Steven made multiple visits to the country for business throughout the civil war, but the fact that he was present during the beginning and the end makes his experience one that readers can rely upon for complete closure on the time during the civil war about which most people don’t even know. Documentation of specific events and dates during which major turning points occurred are evidence that Steven has done his homework to back up what he has seen with his own eyes in a country ravaged by political corruption and carnage.

"In The End of the Civil War in El Salvador: 1992, readers will experience eye-opening truths that prove the resilience of Salvadorans during more than a decade of destruction and oppression. Steven Orr had the privilege of witnessing the end of such atrocities, but his visits throughout the years of war remind readers that the victory did not come without its share of sacrifice and violence."