This professional has a reputation for being able to apply his formal education, training, and diverse international experience (click for full list) to resolve the most difficult Executive and Program Management crises for government, for-profit, and non-profit organizations alike. His management experience entails these facets:
  • A management professional with more than thirty years of valuable, solution-based experience in International Programs and Projects with operations in diverse environments and cultures.
  • Proven planner and strategist in protocol/policy development and emerging trends, consistently leading nonprofit organizations to maximum growth potentials through revitalizations, startups and mergers.
  • Extensive experience in areas of effective contract development/negotiations, budget development/ control, risk management, funding relations, new technologies, organizational structuring/ development, product/service management, project development, logistics, recruiting/training, progressive staff development, aggressive cost management, and public relations.
  • Multilingual (English, Spanish, French, basic Portuguese and Vietnamese). Understands the nuances and idioms of various customs worldwide.


Specific Executive and Program Management Relevant Experience

  • Financial Administrative Manager with AirServ International in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Internal Auditor/Audit Team Leader with AmeriJet International Airlines, Inc., with staff management responsibilities including seven auditors brought in to do the job.
  • Executive Director of an international not-for-profit corporation - staff management work included an Office Manager, and close working relationships with stakeholders in Bolivia, U.S. Southwest Native American groups, and in the Bahamas.
  • With American Red Cross/Disaster Services: Certified as Inclusive Leader/ Manager.
  • On two back-to-back one-year assignments as Resident Advisor in El Salvador at the invitation of USAID as MIS Manager/Logistics Advisor/ Maintenance Advisor in the first assignment, I had staff management responsibility for five computer programmers and trainers, and 2 logisticians. In the second assignment as Logistics Advisor my staff management responsibilities were for three direct local-hire logisticians and indirect responsibility for approximately 25 other employees of national Ministries.
  • President or Vice President of four civic organizations:
    • 1. President of Arizona Public Health Association: Board of Directors = 15, membership = 800, with 9 Committees.
    • 2. President of the Miami-Killian Band Patrons Association: Board of Directors = 35, adult membership = 260, high school students in the band = 220.
    • 3. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida, Inc.: Board of Directors = 17, membership = 300 (am a 1985 Co-Founder, 1986 Vice President and Treasurer of this organization, starting with 5 members).
    • 4. President of First Coast Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Inc.: Board of Directors = 9, membership = 75 (I co-founded the organization in 2003).
  • As International Development Consultant working worldwide, I operated in three modes: autonomously, as a member of teams, and as a Team Chief of Party.
  • Regional Director for Latin America & the Caribbean of a major organization (100% USAID-funded). Headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, mystaff management included 12 direct-hire personnel and oversight responsibility for over 5,000 field personnel in 80 projects in 18 countries.
  • Executive Director of a medical program on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Manager of 17 physicians, nurses, clinic aids, medical records clerks and outreach workers.
  • Department Director of a medical organization. Manager of 5 staff and 35 volunteers.
  • Manager of five sites of a statewide Economic Opportunity program. Five physicians, 7 nurses and 22 outreach personnel reported to me.
  • Branch General Manager of a Translation and Interpretation Company in New York City (subsidiary to Washington, D.C. headquarters). General Manager of three offices in Manhattan. Five assistant managers reported to me, with about 75 translators and interpreters in our operating portfolio.
  • Senior Refugee Officer (USAID/Viet Nam). Manager of Provincial Refugee Officers in 13 provinces of II Corps.
  • Peace Corps Volunteer/Team Leader - Panamá. Manager of 45 Volunteers in Central Provinces. Coordinator of in-country training.
  • U.S. Air Force - Hawaii - Teletype and Cryptographic Team Leader.