Key Strengths

  • Management
  • Auditing
  • Financial Analysis
  • Budget Design/Monitoring
  • Training
Experienced with full cycle responsibilities using automated accounting software: reconciliation, preparation of financial statements, payroll, journal entries, and accounts receivable/payable. GAAP-experienced with Statements of Cash Flows, Cash-Receivables-Prepaid Expenses, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Current Liabilities, Long-term Debt/Notes Payable, Foreign Currency, Government Contracts, Finance Companies, Government/For-Profit/Not-for-Profit Organizations, and Regulated Operations.

For the purposes of this presentation

USAID: United States Agency for International Development
22CFR226: USAID Accounting Rules
A-133: USAID Audit Rules
ADS303: USAID General Rules and Regulations
PL-480 (USAID Food for Peace Program, Titles II & III)


Specific Relevant Experience

Finance Administrative Manager - AirServ International, in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

  • Financial operations manager of $4 million budget
  • Billings and collections with more than fifty clients, including: UNHCR, European Community, USAID, CARE, Medical Emergency Relief International, Médecins sans Frontières, Norwegian Refugee Council, and others.
  • Oversight of government taxes, fees, and related costs
  • Policy developer
  • Compliance manager of corporate policies

QuickBooks Pro Specialist - Medics Ambulances, Inc.

  • Consolidated the corporation's Year 2000 data (Fixed Assets, Notes Payable, Salaries and Benefits) for the holding company and six subsidiary companies, in anticipation of 2000 tax filings. An unexpected finding: embezzlement of $21K.

Internal Auditor - AmeriJet International Airlines, Inc.

  • Managed a team of seven auditors, conducting research and analysis of Air Way Bills, Cargo Corrective Action Notices. Used proprietary Unix/C++ automated financial accounting system and on-line records for the purpose of reconciling $11 million in deficits, using GAAP. Trained all auditors in the system. Initiated a Daily Audit Report process in MS Excel for coordination with Chief Financial Officer and President. Audit result: $241,000 in deficits.

Executive Director - Third Planet, Inc.

  • Developed the budget with the President and Board of Directors.
  • Developed corporate fund-raising programs for operational and program costs.
  • Financial Management (internal auditor of expenses and income).
  • Initiated and consolidated corporate financial rules and regulations.
  • Managed salaries, per diem and expense reimbursements.
  • Initiated and managed Contracts.
  • Coordinated funding of programs in Bolivia, Southwest US and South Florida.

Field Programs Delegate - American Red Cross/International Relief & Development:

  • Certified in Rules and Regulations of the U.S. Agency for International Development, Field: Accounting and Audits (22CFR226, A-133 and ADS303).
  • Program Review of Balkans Regional Program, including Finance Systems. Initiated 22CFR226 and A-133 policies and procedures.
  • Finance and Administration Delegate in Venezuela (using Quicken). Established the ARC/IRD presence in response to the 1999 floods and mudslides. Managed $1.1 million in donated funds and 7 vehicles. Hand-carried large sums weekly of local currency under armed escort to pay salaries and per diem on a scheduled basis. Utilized 22CFR226 and A-133 policies and procedures.
  • Initiated a Cash Management and Expenditures Reporting Review in Central America (incorporated as 20% of a formal follow-on external audit).
  • Wrote Standard Operational Procedures for Financial Reporting, Immediate Response Funding, and related areas.
  • Trained overseas staffs in 22CFR226, A-133, ADS303 and PL480 in anticipation of assuming USAID contracts.

International Development Consultant (experienced as autonomous operator, team member and chief of party):

  • Evaluated and monitored USAID-funded projects, worldwide.
  • On an 8-person team in El Salvador as the team's Financial Analyst; coordinated closely with USAID/ES in the development of a $182 million budget for post-war reconstruction of the country.
  • On a 4-person team in Mozambique, wrote the $20 million Project Paper Design of the first USAID/M project in the country, with the Ministry of Health. My tasks represented 73% of the PPD: the $14 million Essential Drugs Program, the $600,000 FP Information & Education Section, and the Constraints Section.
  • Operating autonomously in Honduras, performed an Economics Study ("Cost Effectiveness/Cost Evaluation/Cost Potential Study") of a national program, at the request of USAID/H.
  • On a 2-person team in El Salvador, carried out a formal Economics Feasibility Study of Spin-off of a program to the private sector, at the request of USAID/ES.
  • Operating autonomously in Nepal, initiated a two-year Logframe and $4.7 million Budget for a nationwide program at the request of USAID/N.

Regional Director for Latin America & the Caribbean of Family Planning International Assistance (100% USAID-funded):

  • Established the FPIA presence in Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Trained 80 Project Directors in 18 countries in Rules and Regulations of U.S. Agency for International Development, on Financial Compliance, Audits, Accounting, Budgets and Financial and Narrative Reporting requirements (22CFR226 and A-133).
  • Designed zero-based budgets (from $1,500 to $12 million).
  • Financial Compliance Officer.
  • Evaluated and monitored all funded projects and sub-projects.
  • External Auditor of 80 Projects' accounting books throughout Latin America and the Caribbean (in Spanish, Portuguese and English).
  • Daily monitoring of Letters of Credit and International Banking requirements.
  • Assigned from Bogotá, Colombia office to New York headquarters on a 6-week consulting assignment to develop Audit Requirements Packages for more than 250 projects worldwide, coordinating closely with organization's Controller and Chief Operating Officer.

Other Audit, Accounting, Finance and Budget work carried out:

  • Replenished the coffers of banks robbed during the night by rebel forces through the transfer of millions of dollars in local currency while under heavily armed U.S. military escorts.
  • Obtained 501(c)(3) status of an organization with the Internal Revenue Service. Served as the organization's Treasurer. Developed the budget.
  • As Vice President and Business Manager of an "S" corporation, controller of finances, accounting, reconciling, and taxation. Developer of annual income and expenses reports in MS Excel.
  • Auditor of freight bills with Freight Revenue Recovery of Miami, Inc.
  • Trainer of end-user corporate personnel in Quicken, QuickBooks Pro and Peachtree, Lotus 123, MS Excel and Symphony financial accounting programs.
  • Coordinated with national and commercial banks in Perú, El Salvador, Venezuela and Viet Nam, and other countries.
  • On the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Team that liquidated Florida's Southeast Bank, N.A., and Southeast Mortgage Company in 1990.