Steven Orr has survived countless hazardous situations during international travel that nearly cost him his life. But his instinct for survival, his formal training, and his quick wits have kept him alive all these years. Imagine yourself traveling internationally and:

  • Being shot at by soldiers in Spain due to unintentional trespassing.
  • Being pursued and run off the road by Communists in Panama.
  • Surviving and exiting motor vehicle accidents in hostile terrain.
  • Coming under siege by Viet Cong soldiers during the Tét Offensive in Vietnam.
  • Being critically injured by a Claymore mine detonated covertly by North Vietnamese troops.
  • Being fired upon by hostile elements in Vietnam during civilian rescue missions.
  • Being attacked in the streets of Brazil by street thugs.
  • Surviving life in Colombia during the height of the narco-trafficking era.
  • Escaping thieves during logistical operations in Venezuela.
  • Being captured and held hostage by communist rebels in El Salvador during their civil war.
  • Being threatened by irate armed local demonstrators in war-time El Salvador.
  • Outrunning lava during a volcanic eruption in the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Surviving hostile weather and political environment in Belarus.
  • Avoiding enemy attacks while coordinating logistics in wartime Afghanistan and Iraq.